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Hayden Wayne

Hayden Wayne (born 3/2/49) (composer/librettist) may be one of the first in his generation to take the rare route through pop/rock music's highest levels to achieve a firm synthesis of these ideals with classical traditions.


We need to end our amnesia
consciously reconnect
with our indigenous roots

We need to end our amnesia
consciously reconnect
with our indigenous roots
expanding upon
the knowledge of our origins reengaging consciously
to eliminate all interference
that prevents
our zero separation
from telepathic and telekinetic ability
which was taught to us through paleocontact

We must drop our so ingrained habits
of lethal competitive xenophobic sadism
forced onto us all those millennia ago
as a result of
colonial competitive territorial warring between the Elohim
who ruled our planet
and created us to do their bidding
breeding us as slaves
then breeding with our women
leaving behind a ruling class
only interested in perpetuating
its domination over us
instigating the growing potential
to our seemingly inevitable
self-destruction through continual
war, rape and genocide

The sooner we become aware of this
the sooner we will throw off the yolk
that controls us
and finally evolve to a higher dimensional consciousness
of co-existence and synergy
not only guaranteeing our survival
but replenishing all potential
of the maximization
of every living organism
within our biosphere
and thus
the ability to tap into
the Gaia of our planet
and become one interconnected
being of endless memory


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