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“There is nothing that smacks of populist, commercial art. I would place Wayne very high amongst the ranks of major American symphonists.”
Jerry Dubins, Fanfare Magazine 



..."Hayden Wayne, whose effective way of handling the keyboards, synthesizers and vocals elicited frequent enthusiastic responses from the audience ... proved that he could also become a headliner of the first magnitude!"
Didier Deutsch, BILLBOARD MAGAZINE, 1974 



“Hayden Wayne: Genius is as genius does (relentlessly).”
John Blenn, November, 2000 



Hayden Wayne

World Class Composer/Librettist
Full Biography

Hayden Wayne (born 3/2/49) is a composer/librettist of serious art music (aka “classical”), and may be one of the first of his generation to take the rare route through pop/rock music's highest levels to achieve a firm synthesis of these ideals with classical traditions. He has composed over four hundred compositions, shared the bill with some of the most revered names in the pop/rock world, as well as being a member of the highly controversial glam-rock band, Jobriath. His symphonic and chamber music has been performed in the concert halls of the United States and Europe. His Symphony #4-FUNK was part of the playlist of President Bill Clinton's Air Force One. His recorded output includes eight symphonies of the thus far eleven composed works, ten string quartets and other chamber pieces, as well as a double and quadruple CD eclectic anthology of various song styles..

Jobriath (Video Featured Below) is the name of the seminal New York based “glam-rock” band that performed January-September, 1974. The band featured Bruce Wayne Campbell, an innovative, classically trained pianist and singer, the first openly gay musician signed to a major record label. Highly controversial in its day, Jobriath’s influence on musicians continues forty years later. Musician, composer, activist Hayden Wayne played keyboards with the band.


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It also features the recordings of composer Hayden Wayne, of whom Jerry Dubin, of Fanfare Magazine, said: "There is nothing that smacks of populist, commercial art. I would place Wayne very high amongst the ranks of major American composers."


The INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATIVE FOR THE PERPETUATION OF THE NEW CLASSICISM, Inc. (I.C.P.N.C.), EIN # 31-1737690, was established to fund the promotion of new music by composers who have joined the talents of different artists from around the world. The attempt is to generate a new audience for classical music and stem the tide of attrition because the remaining classical loyalists are slowly dying away. These are critical times and something must be done.

Recognizing all disciplines of music worthy of revisiting, the I.C.P.N.C. especially wants to bring attention to the excellence of all folk music of recent generations and, in particular, those that have been expanded upon into full classical and symphonic style.

The composers and artists will represent the best of classical as popular culture, as were the great masters in their own time. This is the new classicism, based on the folk music of the past fifty years, not in leu of the old, but the continuing discovery of anything worth re-visitation regardless of discipline.

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This is my endorsement of Hayden Wayne, a brilliant young composer, who should be shown every opportunity!

Lukas Foss
January 21, 1988
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“…His work is very well wrought and refreshingly original, but at the same time more accessible to the average listener than most new music. Mr. Wayne seems to understand what our age needs at this point. Thus, he is capable of writing in the popular idiom as well, and of transforming it into serious symphonic music which still has the beat and throb of the more vernacular styles of today. Has not classical music always drawn upon folk and dance music?”

Maurice Edwards, Artistic Director
Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra
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…Wayne, a forceful composer!

Variety, 1983
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“(Rock ‘n’ roll piano concerto is) lots of fun, serious fun, and well written.”

Lucas Foss

“…I have been aware of his work for a number of years and have been impressed by his growth as a writer. I was fortunate to have seen the National Institute of Music Theatre’s reading of NEON and can understand why NIMT felt the work worthy of it support.”

Bernice Cohen
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He has a lyrical voice missed with a little wit, plenty of passion and tremendous sense of drama. What Gershwin did with jazz, he does with rock ‘n’ roll! A truly original voice who should be heard

Mark J. Petracca
The New Review of Records
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“THE WANT LIST …and just plain entertaining-Hayden Wayne’s Fourth Symphony-FUNK on New Millennium Records…”

Stephen Ellis
Fanfare Magazine

“…If Haydn could use Austrian folk music in his symphonies, if Shubert could indulge the Landler, Ives create congestions of band marches, hymns, anthems and popular songs, then why shouldn’t Hayden Wayne write vivacious symphonies based on (and subtitled) REGGAE, HEAVY METAL and FUNK? … His four movement, 45-minute SYMPHONY #4-FUNK, lately recorded the Brno State Philharmonic under Leos Svarovsky (New Millennium 61596) is pervasively dominated by finger-snapping syncopations of funk, that campy distillation of rhythm and blues, rock and jazz. Using the resources of a large orchestra, Wayne goes on to accrete thrilling crescendos and climaxes in the manner of Rossini’s comic finales.”

Scott MacClelland
Coast Weekly
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“A pleasant accessible tonal language (and) the piece is certainly technically very adroit. Your (FUNK) symphony will be instantly popular and successful."

Gunther Schuller

“Wayne writes well for orchestra, and he knows a certain market. The reggae rhythms (the backbeat eighths on 2 and 4) are varied and not omnipresent. And who knows, maybe someday the genre will have an honored tradition in concert music akin to the tango. Time will tell, in so many ways…

While his work seems closer to Dvorak and Gershwin than to Bob Marley et al, Wayne’s gift for lyricism and invention are real. The New Millennium Recording of the four-movement work by the State Philharmonic of Brno, conducted by Leos Svarovsky, does the piece justice. The performance has energy, excitement and a certain “From the New World.”

Steve Shaffer
21st Century Music
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Hayden Wayne