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J'accuse: The Genital Mutilation Of Minors

“We will become a sexless, orgasmic-less


George Orwell, on his deathbed in 1945

Not on my watch!

societally anesthetized  
within a growing immoral vacuum
drowning from
satanic ritual abuse
the devastation of innocence and wonder
 a minor
through corrupt peer review
crimes of passion
against Humanity
upon the näive   
not allowed to self-evolve
Those of self-loathing
against the individual’s Right  
to his/her own conclusions
by group nihilism
genital mutilation
ending the ability to perpetuate the race
disintegrating the future soul by soul

no child can offer informed consent


a child’s innocence



are sacred


our children are our future



what has been given to us is on loan

from our children


As the Hopi say in prophecy…

“We have undermined our children.

When the corruption is complete,

the destruction is complete.”

so you want to cut your penis off  
and be a woman
though you have no eggs and cannot bear a child
it’s just as well  
for your hips are not wide enough for passage
and you, a child
who cut off your breasts
before fully grown
no longer able to nourish
your potential offspring
now farm your body to roll a section there of into a penis
that may be made into extended plumbing
but will never become erect
or pass a seed
how men have been physically judged through time immemorial
demonstration manhood
sexual prowess
having balls
when ironically a true man  
is a secure male with a sensitivity of a slow hand
your hips so wide will always give you away as a she
and you who chose to she yourself
your Adam’s apple gives you away
as do your shoulders  
your non hourglass figure
unless you grow the fat to hide your hip’s display
and if, so true, your spirit  
to the pod in which it resides
a trick of fate
but aren’t we all within the androgens spectrum of Totality?
Blessed be They
 why deny ourselves such potential
by monochromatically
narrowing our being into
one sensuality
when we already  
had both to play with
regardless of what we physically are
and how much of one or the other
of the who we are
in which we choose to reside
all these screams of  
in fact
Those who parade up and down the streets
in various levels of day-glow lawn furniture décolletage
accusing all around them of being phobic,
are themselves
the most phobic and insecure
with too many now invading the Rights of minors
to fortify their own base
of subjective choice
what one does in privacy  
as an adult sexually  
is one’s own business
an unalienable Right of free expression
when one crosses the line
and soils the sanctity of innocence
specifically relating to sex
one earns the mantle pedophile
which is not only a crime against Humanity
but a felony requiring said person’s removal from society and imprisonment by the state
I remember
as a seven-year-old  
I was a very precocious child
during the Beat Period
walking along West 8th Street
in Greenwich Village
after leaving a book store
where my parents
had just bought me
a hard cover of  
Herman Melville’s
Moby Dick
Very content
with naked book in hand
I ventured through  
the crowded bustling  
in and around and through
the extraordinary energy
of the evening
within my own state of awe
taking it all in
some ten, or twenty feet in front of my folks
Suddenly my euphoric wonderment
was interrupted
A noxious pungent perfume/body odor smell engulfed me
So startled
I turned around and blurted out
“What’s that smell?”,
as two  
unusually tall individuals  
dressed as women
charged past  
Everything seemed to freeze at that moment
I caught a glimpse of a woman
looking out through a small rectangular window of a bar
mouthing to my mother
“We’re those men?”
and my mother nodding, “Yes.”
I turned around  
watching the parting sea of
widened eyes and gaped expression
while the two
in sequin dresses and high heels
briskly walked  
away from us
I specifically remember how
I was impacted by it all
Something seemed incongruous
There was no subsequent conversation
The rest of the evening’s fare
I don’t remember
my first trans encounter
is as indelible still
as when it first happened
those sixty-six years ago
a woman can be many things
as well as for a man
emotionally that is
for biology is cut upon the stone of genetics
the X and Y chromosome
unless we are now  
going to supplant them with different pronouns
as is being done within the arena of sexuality  
and trans-genderism
so to support an emotional rational  
in order to affirm a subjective choice of being


For now you’ve aligned your body to house your emotional sensuality/sexuality
as opposed to proudly exuding your emotional state-of-being regardless of the body you were born into
Why would you do something so irretrievable?
Why would you choose to become solely reliant on the pharmaceutical industry to administer your hormones as opposed to your body naturally doing what it evolved to do?
Why would one choose to so irrevocably injure themselves, when self-confidently living out one’s perspective sensuality & sexuality would seem a celebration in itself, not the self-loathing of self-mutilation.   
If a man loves to make love to men and be made love to by  men, and a woman to and by women,  
why is there such a demonstrative need to surgically change one’s physical appearance, when biologically, no matter what you cut off and alternatively sew on, you’re still genetically what you’re trying to escape from?  
Obviously, there’s another agenda. All the women and men I know, and those I’ve seen on the street, who trans-dress, or have had a sex change, are obvious to my eyes.
Brady Alexander, whom I worked with, and Charles Pierce were both brilliant legendary female impersonators.  They were both gay. Relished being gay. They were in drag their entire professional careers. They didn’t find it necessary to change their respective bodies. They were two men very much at rest within themselves.
My son had a teacher, who was a remarkably gifted artist. We were very fortunate to have him in the school, where he so selflessly demonstrated his skills to all the children. He was a wonderful influence on my son, who we decided to pay an extra fee so to have him privately teach our son to paint after school once a week. It was a non-traumatic year of artist nurturing. Came summer break and upon my son’s return, we parents learned this teacher had had a sex change. It surprised us and the staff, because he never let on about his decision. He had taken a sabbatical leave to afford himself the healing process during the entire procedure. My wife and I wished him good health and a successful transition in an email. By the time of his return to teach, my son had left the school for higher education.
I knew a man whose boyfriend trans-gendered
He proudly shared that she was the greater muff-diver.
Does that mean that he, who became a she, is now a lesbian,
who, he as prided, still loved taking it up the ass?
Immediately I thought, “Well, if you like to do that, then why did you find it necessary to cut off your package and carve another hole between your legs?”
I’ve known a lot of women who love taking it up the ass.
However, this is a discussion, not about what one does in the privacy of their bed, but the emotional state in which we reside as individuals.  
Too much information, right?
I agree
I’m from a generation where it is considered vulgar to openly, let alone publically, talk this way
However, witnessing how far we have devolved our social skills during my lifetime,
within this continuum of outing that has geo-politically cut so deep into our social fabric, as well as destroying our educational system, where there is so much revisionism, where no one is allowed question, let alone say anything that might offend someone,
relegating the conversation to the lowest common denominator in the room,
ultimately stifling any conversation…
…and, now, this unconscionable rational to allow a child’s sexual mutilation?!!!
This muff-diving anecdote seems quite passive and au currant compared to the question of the moment and eternity:
Why deny a child his/her own childhood innocence?
The proof of this is in the pudding. A child molester is considered the lowest of the low within the penal system, and any individual entering with that dubious recognition, is recognized as a short-eyes, and if the warden doesn’t separate this individual from the rest of the inmate population, he will be immediately offed.
If a child says he/she wants to change his/her sex,  
where did he/she get the information from?  
Obviously, the environment!
It’s not inner voices. The naivety of a child will most likely find his/her genitalia and have fun in the exploration, but not be philosophically evolved enough to decide one way or the other to change their body, because their emotional proclivity is incongruent to their physicality. The cognitive ability, let alone experiential awareness is simply not there…unless an older teenager, or adult has intervened.
That said, I worked with a set designer, who I asked,  
“When did you know you were gay?  
He replied, “I don’t think there was a time I wasn’t gay. I remember sneaking into the guest room, as a young child, so I could stealth fully pull back the sheet and look at the genitalia of my visiting teenage cousin.”  
My working colleague was the warmest sweetest soul, and completely at rest within his sexual choice.
I have a brilliant lawyer friend, who if you saw her walking up the street towards you, you would swear it was a man. I don’t have to look in her pants to see if she has a dick. So emotionally true is her state of being, her physicality exudes from every pore. She looks like a man… the way she walks… the way she sits… the manner in how she speaks.. how she looks at other women… a sensitive man who dearly loves women… completely at rest, with a fabulous sense of humor, who, obviously, didn’t need to add or subtract to her body so to be what she already is.
With social media being the toxic cancer it is, anyone with less or no perspective, compared to an adult, who has lived long enough and had enough life experiences to be able to weigh the pros and cons of a situation, young people today, by comparison, don’t have a chance of retaining their God given Right of innocence and wonder! Their sway is clearly manipulated by bullying. The statistics already show an alarming spike in young girls around the age of fourteen who are cutting themselves and committing suicide.
If we allow this downward trend of accepted child abuse, these very individuals will soon enough become parents with lesser and lesser parental skillsets, ingrained with various trauma, devolving further progeny until the bottom drops out and we are a psychotic dysfunctional society which will inevitably eat itself by its own entrails.
I don’t know how to answer this.
I don’t know how societally we are to cut into this downward spiral that seems to be gaining speed at an alarming rate.
No matter how reticent I am about one so dramatically altering their body’s physiology, no matter how emotionally impulsive I may think this action, no matter how empathetically I would recommend a serious re-evaluation of your choice and to give it more time to come to conclusion…
…if you are an adult, you have the unalienable Right to do whatever you feel necessary!
I guess I would have to say that about depressed individuals who are so overwhelmed, overwrought, they choose the Right to kill themselves…. as tragic as we would all concur.



Portuguese neurologist, Egas Moniz, who developed lobotomy on schizophrenic patients, was awarded the Noble Prize for medicine in 1949, unleashing the legitimization of this barbaric procedure leading to a dramatic increase of lobotomies performed around the world.  

Between 1949 and 1952, around fifty thousand lobotomies were performed in the United States, ten thousand procedures were trans-orbital and the rest prefrontal lobotomies.  

Walter Freeman, traveling around in his Volkswagen bus, performed thirty-five hundred lobotomies, of which twenty-five hundred were done with an icepick. Fifteen percent died from the procedure (525) and nineteen were minors, including a four-year-old child. He never wore surgical gloves, or mask during these procedures. In 1951, he lost one patient when stopping to have his photograph taken, while the pick was still in the head of the patient. During his posing, it accidently slid too far into the patient’s brain.  

Advances in chemical alternatives slowly phased out lobotomies by 1952.