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-To the point we are no longer fit to defend our country?
-That we no longer know how to think because of all the garbage telling us what to think?
-That our infrastructure has been allowed to decay to dysfunction?
-That trust in our governance is no more then the knowing how we are no longer represented and the stealing and corruption goes on?

-That we have no health care, which is an Unalienable Right?
-That we have destroyed our educational system and put our children into indentured servitude?
-That we have poisoned our food supply, empty of nutrients and full of causes of degenerative diseases?
-The wonton disregard of the natural world and destruction of it for fossil fuels?
-The continual perpetuation of war?
-The narrowed news cycles so not to tell what IS happening around us? 

It not a question of the Unalienable Right that all are entitled the opportunity to better themselves and maximize their full potential, but to recognize excellence and synergy which is the ultimate currency and fundamental necessity to creating a functional evolving society. Otherwise, one size fits all and we devolve to the lowest common denominator. 


The dark ages all over again… 

The smug treasonous corporate elite  

who are poisoning America… 


this corporate United States  

killing the greatest utopian ideology ever created, America, 

ultimately angering the rapidly growing underclass to the point of the return of the guillotine and the eradication of the upper echelon of one percent who have clearly brought this onto themselves! 




To hear the press and statisticians tell it,  

we are so extremely polarized  

to the point of dysfunction…  


The fact of the matter is: 

we have never been more united in our feelings of betrayal and outrage: 


--how the political system continues to prove indifferent to our needs, let alone provide candidates who care more about us than themselves and their reelection 


--how we are completely cynical of the press ... how continually biased and misinformed they want to make us 


--how we are completely aware of how Wall Street is stealing from us 


--how corporations don’t pay their fair share of taxes 


--how disproportioned the military budget is compared to our needs of self-defense, let alone how our taxes are being used to specifically spy on ourselves 


--how our honest hard labors are not being salaried at sustainable living wages, where most households now need both parents to bring in an income and still have trouble paying the bills 


--how the destruction of our educational system is a clear act of treason 


--how non-for-profit health care in our country is an Unalienable Right 


--how, because of greed,  the food industry is giving us such inferior produce full of preservatives and herbicides to prove injurious to our well being, where seventy-five percent of all medical intervention is for maladies that didn’t have to happen in the first place if we had eaten a better quality of food, where we are the most obese nation in the world, which means more prone to Type II Diabetes and coronary/vascular disease and dementia 


--how we’re being incited for war, whether with some designated foreign entity, or amongst ourselves in a civil conflagration 


--that the corporate powers recognize a citizen is worth 45-50 thousand dollars a year profit incarcerated, where though we represent one fifth of the world’s population, we incarcerate 25 percent of the world’s population and have prisons on the stock exchange 


--where the idea of abortion is repugnant, but not the intervention into a woman’s reproductive Rights beyond her own personal choice, obscene … where more concern is for the unborn fetus, and total disregard for the unwanted child is demonstrated by a failed foster care system and hungry penal system anxiously awaiting more profits 


--where the police department has grown unhealthily into a paramilitary force 


--where all of us are exhausted and so much in need of love and civility, not allowed to evolve to maximize our individual potential, worthy of respect, allowed to be a synergistic collaborator to the greater good 


--that these Truths are self-evident for the people, by the people and of the people and shall not perish from the earth 


--that this moment is sacred for the next seven generations 


--that Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are the highest aspirational ideals and the True wealth of any society 


--that profits for all will always be the greater strength than the profits for the few 


--that the end-game is rapidly approaching, where All will be lost. 

Yes. We are united more than divided! 

Last century a war that did not have to happen embroiled the world. The cease fire of Versailles was to prove not only the plan for the operational theater of war for the next hundred years, but the inevitability of World War II, and the industrialization of murder on the highest satanic scale. One hundred twenty million souls perished, and that doesn’t include the tens of millions who had died from the influenza pandemic. We now have cataclysmic weapons that will kill billions, as well as destroy most, if not all, of our precious biosphere.  


Fear also unites us.  


Let us pray that death does not! 


And, most importantly, we each have one vote!