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So this is the Republican’s idea of the ultimate woman



Wow! [Sarah Paline] A self-professed, “pit bull who wears lipstick,”  can full dress a moose.

… sounds like a gal one should bring home to mom.


So this is the Republican’s idea of the ultimate woman, … let alone, feminism?

Men who eat this up, obviously don’t respect women of intellect and want women to be like themselves.


The women who buy into this are the same group who were offended by Hilary Clinton’s comment referring to her business career choice, as opposed to, “staying home and bake cookies” And yet, if you refer to yourself as the infamous specifically bread aggressive killer fighting dog, let alone choose to kill and gut lower animals, you’re someone to be admired.


This whole political episode is sexist and insulting to women.


If you don’t think so …


Where do you place and how do you relate to:


Eleanor Roosevelt, Toni Morrison, Marie Curie, Magritte Sanger, Jacqueline Kennedy, Cleopatra, Emily Dickinson, Rosa Parks, Dianne Fosse, Mother Teresa, Joan D’Arc, Mary Magdalene, Queen Elizabeth the 1st (of England), Joni Mitchell, Clara Wieck Schumann, Mary, Jane and Emily Bronte, Ella Fitzgerald, Georgia O’Keefe, Clara Barton, Mary Shelly, Queen Victoria (of England), Maya Angelou, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen Nefertiti (of Egypt), Susan B. Anthony, Abigail Adams, Sara Vaughan, Frida Kahlo, Maryann Anderson, Katherine Hepburn, Helen Keller, Anna Pavlova, Nancy Astor, Lucille Ball,  Catherine the Great (of Russia), Barbara Jordan, Cristina of Sweden, Dorothea Dix, Margaret Mead,  Jane Goodall, Jane Austen, Florence Nightingale, Harriet Tubman, Louisa May Alcott, Elizabeth Blackwell, Pearl S. Buck, Amelia Earhart, Indira Gandhi, Sandra Day O’Connor, Sacagawea, Oprah Winfrey, Victoria Woodhull, Ann Frank, Isadora Duncan, Benazer Bhutto, Ruth Bader Ginsburg …