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Hayden Wayne

Hayden Wayne (born 3/2/49) (composer/librettist) may be one of the first in his generation to take the rare route through pop/rock music's highest levels to achieve a firm synthesis of these ideals with classical traditions.

SYMPHONY #5-AFRICA (a tone poem)



the African experience, predicated upon rhythm with endless aspirations for freedom inspired this work and is gratefully dedicated CHILD’S PLAY/THE TRIBAL ELDER It is morning and the sun is already very hot. Children, playing in a village, seem oblivious to the oppressive heat. In their mischievous play, they come across a tribal elder in spiritual contemplation. RUNNING/THE SINGING BIRD A young male runs and runs for the thrill of running. The animals, in the open plains, seem to run with him in the same euphoric state of mind. Out of breath, he sits down in the shade of a tree and hears a singing bird. He takes out his thumb piano (Kalimba) and plays along with the bird’s song. THE GATHERING/CELEBRATION/ INITIATION Animals gather in large numbers at the watering hole. The tribe comes together to celebrate its existence. The ritual of male bonding and initiation into manhood is performed by the tribal spiritual leader through circumcision on the adolescents, as only men of the tribe watch. DUSK/NIGHT In the village, a time for healing and reflecting. At the watering hole, animals grow uneasy as the sun sets into darkness. At night a predator stalks his prey and kills it. RAIN/DAWN A much-needed rain teasingly comes and goes finally developing into a severe rain and thunderstorm. But no sooner does it start than it just as suddenly stops. The day starts again. As the sun rises it awakens all who welcome the light. The heat of the rising sun eventually drowns their noise out. EMBARKATION The soul and knowledge of the tribal experience goes out into the world. ORCHESTRATION 3 Flutes, 3 doubling on Alto Flute, 1 doubling on Piccolo 2 Oboes English Horn 2 Bb Clarinets Bass Clarinet 2 Bassoons Contra Bassoon 4 Horns in F 3 Bb Trumpets 2 Tenor Trombones Bass Trombone Tuba (six percussionists) 4 Timpani (30”, 28”, 25” 23”) Marimba Vibraphone Tom toms (medium & low) Bass Drum Crash Cymbal Tam tam Shekere (gourd wrapped in beans) Wood Block Cow Bell 14-16-22 1st Violins (because of the size and execution of the percussion, 12-14-18 2nd Violins I strongly recommend the larger string compliment) 10-12-14 Violas 8-10-12 Celli 6-8-10 Double Basses Duration: (46:34)


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